Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solutions

At DAX365 we have been involved into the world of Microsoft Dynamics AX for quite a bit now, being directly exposed to large AX implementations, with a proven experience gained in the Business Intelligence, Reporting and Integration areas in on-premise and cloud-based.


Report Design,Development and Optimization

For any existing Microsoft Dynamics AX customer is widely known the complexity and extensive effort in customizing reports using the native X++. The dilemma of using X++ forced many customers to use third party products in the aim to alleviate the pain.

In DAX365, we understood that it was not making sense to customers to allocate one or two weeks just to modify one existing report, rather a new paradigm for changing reports faster was necessary, keeping quality and performance at highest.

With strong focus in Agile Project Management, we ensure our new way of delivering reports will align with customer's expectations of time and budget.

Customization and Integration

Our experience in customization and integrations varies from small changes to big complex integrations components. All customizations are supported by our deep knowledge not only in X++ but HTML5 which is the newest addition supported from Dynamics AX7.

The early adoption of this new HTML5 capabilities differentiate us from the traditional X++ consultancy services offered by competitors.

Consulting Services

Willing to bring consultants without the big price tag?

In DAX365 we acknowledge how expensive an implementation of an ERP could be. We have the right balance of on-shore and off-shore consultants so we can deliver solutions without breaking the customer's bank, having a cloud-base solution such as Dynamics AX7 as an enabler.