How to build a successful solution

Sensational solutions aren’t created at the drop of a hat: a special blend of skills is required. We analyze the client’s needs and tailor the solution. This is how we do it:


From initial idea to detailing the specific requirements, it is vital to agree on a consistent description of the end solution.

  • Specification of functional requirements
  • Specification
    of non-functional requirements and constraints
  • Data model


Based on requirements specification, we design two solution components: the graphic interface and the structure of the solution's code.

  • Wireframes
  • Screenflow
  • Use cases
  • Technical specs

GUI design

The storyboards and wireframes are fleshed out with graphic design elements, the screens are finalized and the graphics for the different use cases are detailed.

The graphic interface artifacts created at this stage are put through usability tests to make sure that the decisions we have made are ergonomic and appropriate to the user tasks. Where necessary, we make tweaks to the interface based on this information.

  • Design specs for the graphic interface
  • Solution prototype
  • Test cases


When the solution architecture is completed and the user interface design is ready, we start the development.

As the creation of the solution progresses, we test and fine-tune the existing set of functions based on the test cases identified in the original requirements.

  • Alpha-version
  • Beta-version
  • Release candidate

Acceptance and release

Once the development is finished, we work with the client to ensure that the solution performs on all agreed test cases. When the solution successfully passes the acceptance testing, it is deemed ready for release.

  • The solution is deployed to the production system


After release, we continue to provide technical support, helping users sort out any problems and also identifying any bugs that need fixing.

  • Reports as per the SLA
  • Defects log
  • Patch delivery plan

Further development

We are welcome any futher requests for enhancements. Our team will be happy to make your ERP even better!