Power BI: Decomposition Tree


Microsoft has invested a lot in the Power BI for the last year and guys, I would say it is the best platform for the visualization out there.

Yeah, for sure, there are still many tings to do to compete with Tableau and QlikView, but the foundation for the Power BI is just something incredible. Have you seen those custom visuals, which you just build and they become available in your reports and dashboard on all mobile devices? Unbelievable, right? We have been playing a bit with version 1 of the visual apis and recently had a chance to start looking into the new api. We’ve got all set up just in 5 minutes and our first new visual prototype was ready in an hour. There are still some gaps in documentation,  that really needs to be updated really quick, if MSFT wants devs to jump in and build some incredible things. Anyway getting back to the point. As you guys know, the visual api really opens a door for interesting things, sky is a limit now…. D3js community exists now for quite a while and if you can’t find the visual you want here , probably you don’t need that visual:)

Our pricing model 

Nobody wants to do things for free, right? And we are not an exception. However, we understand that visual is something that shouldn’t cost you $20k or $10k. It is something that probably should be from $1k-$5k, depending on the complexity, or may be even less. At the same time, if you look at the Microsoft built visuals, those guys are trying to incorporate in the visuals all possible scenarios, so any user with a different set of requirements and data sets can use a bar chart and it will look good on the screen. However, with visuals like bar chart, lines, donuts etc., it is all making sense to have a complete, full of features visual, because those things usually look the same. Bar chart is a bar chart. You can change colors, add lines, but it still will be a bar chart.

Now, if you look at the decomposition tree, different customers would like to see a different tree. Some would request to have a rectangle as a node with some KPI information inside it, other will request to have faces with names to display an organization structure. To have a one visual, which will incorporate all different customer scenarios is just impossible, plus who is going to pay for all those features? You are, as a customer, might not even need them. You just want to pay for this particular visual, you expect this visual to do certain things and this is it. Basically, if you have a well defined requirements or at least you know what your visual should look like, but the technical (coding) skills is just what is stopping you from getting it live,  talk to us. We can make a prototype in one or two weeks plus we can speed you up in the d3js space, if needed.


Decomposition Tree

This is an example of the custom visual which we have built for one of our customers. We focused only on what customer needed and they were really happy with the result.

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